Parent Involvement

Parents and staff members are encouraged to participate in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), School Site Council (SSC), and Joint Advisory Council. These committees make decisions regarding the priorities and direction of the school and ensure students; needs are addressed. Martha Baldwin School also encourages parents to volunteer at the school. There are many school activities that parents may attend including Back-to-School Night, Parent Conferences, Student Performances, Science Fair, and Open House.


The Alhambra Unified School District sponsors the Kindergarten through College project that is designed to educate parents about the importance of preparing for college, starting with students in Kindergarten. The program sponsors four nights of parent training that include topics such as introduction to the college system, applying to college, financial aid, and saving for college.

The community is very supportive of the educational program at Martha Baldwin School. Numerous programs and activities are enriched by the generous contributions made by the following organizations: Jamba Juice, Domino Pizza, Almansor Court, Rotary Club, and Sizzler.