Valet Parking Drop Off Changes

In order to help with student safety, beginning Tuesday, February 19th, the valet area in front of Baldwin School will be sectioned off with cones for the morning drop off. It will start at approximately 7:30 am and the cones will be taken down after 8:00 am.

Valet parking expectations:

1) The Valet Zone is for unloading of students only.

2) The car will stop, students will exit the vehicle safely and quickly  to get out of the car and the vehicle will continue on. vehicles should not be parked for an extended amount of time.

3) Vehicle will not be allowed to “cut” into the line or park in the red zone immediately following the valet zone.

Alhambra Parking Enforcement will be here to help us assess the area.

Please make sure you make the necessary changes to your drop off procedure so your student will get to school on time.

Thank you for all your cooperation, patience and support as we continue to improve student safety.